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Contact Information

Address: Independence Hill, Belmopan

Phone: 501-822-2141

Fax: 501-822-3889



To arrange a tour of the National Assembly of Belize at a convenient date and time, we advise that you call the office at telephone No. 822-2141/2142/2144. It is important that all school and group visits be arranged in advance. A telephone call or a letter to the Clerk/Deputy Clerk will do.

Rules and Procedures

Students/group Behavior

We ask that you, the teacher or group leader, take full responsibility for the behavior of your group while on tour or sitting in the galleries listening to meetings. Students are therefore expected to adhere to the normal standards of courtesy and conduct.

Attending a House Meeting

When school/groups attend a House Sitting, it is important to note that it is a privilege and not a right. All the rules set out by the Standing Orders and the Speaker must be observed while visitors are seated in the galleries. Visitors are not permitted to smoke, eat or drink, stand in or behind the galleries. The use of cameras, tape recorders, transistors radios, cellular phones or electronic devices is prohibited. When attending a House Sitting, visitors must abstain from applause or making any interruption or disturbance.


All visitors to the National Assembly, when the House is meeting, are required to go through security checks.