Today, 29th November 2018, the National Assembly welcomed the United Community Primary School from the Stann Creek District for an educational tour.  The group comprised of 64 standard V and standard VI students, 6 teachers and 5 parents.   

The group arrived at around 2:30P.M. and were escorted up and seated in the gallery where the presentation took place. The presentation was conducted by Ms. Ingrid Soriano. They were given a brief description of the historical background of the National Assembly, the composition of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the functions of the legislative branch of government. They also had the pleasure of seeing the Mace and were given a brief history of its historical background of the design and the significant role it plays in the sitting of the House of Representatives.

The group were a bit late with their other scheduled visits therefore there was no question and answer segment, however, one of the teachers assured Ms. Soriano that he believed the children had grasped the information from her presentation and thanked her for the useful information she shared with them.




To arrange for a tour of the National Assembly Building, visitors can call the Office of the Clerk at (501)822-2141 or send an email to