The House of Representative’s Budget Debate began on Thursday, March 22, 2018,  in the Chambers of the National Assembly Building, Belmopan. The debate on the General Revenue Appropriation (2018/2019) Bill, 2018, commenced with the Leader of the Opposition being the first person to debate the Bill. As the day progressed, only ten Members got a chance to give their support, or for some their deliberations as to why they cannot support the Bill.

Absent at the Meeting was the Honourable Gaspar Vega.

The meeting started at 10:24 A.M and was adjourned at 6:15 P.M.



The debate continued on Friday, March 23, 2018,  in order for the other Members that didn’t get a chance to share their views on  the General Revenue Appropriation (2018/2019) Bill, 2018 to do so.


At the end of the day, 10 Bills were passed. They are:


  1. General Revenue Appropriation (2018/2019) Bill, 2018;
  2. Central Bank of Belize (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  3. Customs and Excise Duties (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  4. Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  5. Belizean Nationality (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  6. Passports (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  7. Firearms (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  8. Police (Amendment) Bill, 2018;
  9. Crime Control and Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill, 2018; and
  10. Protection of Witnesses Bill, 2018.

Absent at the Meeting held on Friday was the Honourable Gaspar Vega and the Rt. Honourable Said Musa.

The meeting began at 9:12 A.M.  and was adjourned at 11:26 P.M.